Are you a member of a church that creates and produces Christmas musicals with their Choir? Here’s something special that Michael and an amazing writing team have created… A brand new, musical called “ALMOST THERE – A Christmas Musical”.

Give this link to your Worship and Choir Directors:


About The Musical: 

There are times when God leads us to places that seem impossible to reach and calls us to do what seems impossible to do. Over 2,000 years ago, God called Mary on a journey that would lead her to deliver the long-awaited Christ Child in Bethlehem. Filled with anticipation, she remained obedient to the divine call He placed in her life.

Almost There invites your community to experience the awe and wonder of Christmas as Mary did many years ago. May this unique take on a familiar story draw your heart closer to the expectation of Christ’s coming and finally the angel’s joyful song of His miraculous arrival.


Listen and learn about the musical below…  listen to the full playlist in the first video to hear Michael narrate and perform the musical…