Michael W. Smith’s son-in-law, Jack Mooring, has begun a powerful blog series this Christmas that Michael wants to share with  everyone.   We have posted the blog in it’s entirety below.  Read this and several other great blogs by going to his website:  https://jackmooring.com/


The greatest act of God in all of human history was preceded by the longest silence from God in all of human history.

Four hundred years of nothing. Then…… JESUS!

From Malachi to Matthew we see a brass heavens. Where there was once a lush garden of God’s words, we see a quiet desert. It seemed that our God was stone, and eight generations of His people faithfully served Him even though they couldn’t hear Him.

But could it be that this silent season was more important than we think?

What if our earthly timeline doesn’t stand alone, but runs in parallel with a heavenly timeline that is just as real, and just as active?

What was happening behind the scenes during these “four hundred years of silence”?

A radio show I listen to recently began their program with this statement: “This is the last broadcast of this program as you have known it.”

They had been building a TV studio and were transitioning from a radio broadcast to a television broadcast. The host went on to let his audience know that there would be a week of re-runs on their radio program until the launch date of the new TV program. A week of no new content. A week of silence from their team.

But “rest assured”, he said, “we’re not taking a vacation! We will be working behind the scenes to bring you something amazing.”

What if the four-hundred year radio silence from heaven was exactly that? Radio silence. And what if a transition was happening? And all of heaven was buzzing with preparation for this transition?

This span of time was all of that and more!

I don’t know what was happening in the heavenly realms up until the moment of Jesus’ birth, but I do know that whatever work the angel’s had done previous to this time, paled in comparison.

Because of sin’s affect on the world, the will of God on earth does not come without a fight. And a fight there must have been. Principalities and powers clashing and fighting for (and against) the delivery of a baby! All for us. All so God could speak to us in a new way. And not through a prophet this time, but as Himself. In brilliant color. “The word became flesh.”

Does it seem like God is silent in your life right now? Well take heart, because He is working on something wonderful.

The wheels of redemption are silently turning and a moment of revelation is coming. You will see what your God has been preparing. Keep trusting Him. Keep loving Him. Because He loves you. He proved it to us by coming down to us. By becoming one of us. The silence is forever broken!